Born and raised in Accra-Ghana, my zeal for fitness started in high school. Over the four year period I spent at Achimota Senior High, the quest to become a fitness model and coach started with a simple dream of self-improvement. In an effort to achieve my ideal body, I found myself continuously seeking ways to stay fit; in the school gym as well as on the sports field.

Playing sports such as hockey, football, and handball, to mention a few, as well as my involvement on the athletics team, gave me a greater understanding of, and intensified my love for fitness.

My lifetime indulgence in fitness has led me to understand the mental and physical benefits of fitness. This is the foundation that drives me to help. My passion is to help lead as many people to their fitness goals as possible.

I take pride in my clients’ success’ more than any other aspect of my program. The true value of my dream comes to light when I see the results of my program changing the lives of REAL PEOPLE.

Success in fitness looks different for everyone. For some it’s losing pounds or inches. For others it means improved health conditions and a better overall state of mind. Regardless of where you’re at physically, mentally or emotionally, my accountability program can and will work for you. You too, can have the fulfillment of accomplishing your goals. Just give me the opportunity to be your coach and guide you to success!

Now is your opportunity to be Fit And Healthy, Wherever You Are.



    This is (hopefully) the main reason people hire a coach or trainer. I have a high level of expertise with the given subject and can leverage that knowledge to your benefit. In the case of training, you’ll get in better shape, and hopefully learning something; in fact, you will learn several new things.


    Simply put, people work harder and perform better when someone else is helping them and praising their accomplishments. I have this effect because I will be actively pushing you to reach within yourself for more. The combination of motivation and intensity always leads to greater progress and better results.


    When it comes to guarantees and proof to my services there are numerous clients to testify with graphic before and after progress visuals of my clients with just a few highlighted on the before and after page.


    All programs on my website have been broken down to the simplest of forms to increase accessibility and availability to all my clients.


    The Time-Factor is very important in our modern day and age. Each program is designed by my team and tailored to the best interests of my clients.


    Truth be told, my true happiness is not when a client purchases a program, but when the client provides me with results after his/her purchase and lets me know how the program positively affected their life. This always motivates me to care for my clients in the best way possible.